About Us

Company Overview

Deventry Construction LLC is a New Hampshire based Specialty Siding Contractor that has over 25 years of experience Deventry Construction, LLC is devoted exclusively to providing siding services on commercial and residential projects throughout New England.

Whether it is fiber cement, vinyl, wood siding or a complete exterior building package, including weather barrier and insulation, we consider ourselves experts in the field backed by years of experience.

We are committed to the goal of unsurpassed workmanship offered to our customers on all of our siding projects, and are seeking to differentiate ourselves within our field with the management of our specialized services. Excellence regarding service, our focus on the business relationship, professionalism and competence, along with customer satisfaction, is our priority.

Key Personnel

Fred Deveau - Owner / President:
Fred , the Owner and President of Deventry Construction is acting as the company's CFO, and is also responsible for estimating and new project development. He has dedicated the last several years to making Deventry Construction one of the premier siding subcontractors in New England and creating a long list of repeat customers.

Bobby Grant - Vice President / Operations Director:
Bobby has been with Deventry Construction since 2001 and is now the Vice President and Operations Director, responsible for managing the day-to-day operational aspects of all the projects, overseeing a project from start to finish.


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